BASKIN was developed for Superior Performance & Results & is backed by years of scientific experience & tests.  The patented ingredient Invisicare® results in the CBD binding to the skin for 6 hours & the heat & moisture of the skin slowly releases it into your system.  This results in longer & stronger relief.  It allows your skin to breath while retaining the natural moisture.  BASKIN is also better for you with its simplified formula that has no alcohol, parabens, waxes or organic solvents.

With BASKIN Body Wellness & Sport Relief creams over 80% of the CBD applied will enter the system providing stronger relief for the conditions that people typically turn to CBD.  This compares to 10% to 25% for competitive products.  However, the Skin Relief cream is unique in that it is designed so that 40% of the CBD specifically stays in your skin to provide relief from skin irritations.  To put this into perspective other products have been tested at 3% to 5%.

BASKIN is available in two convenient, discreet sizes of airless metered pumps.  A 1 fl oz size for those that want small convenience & 1.7 fl oz for those that are looking for a more relief.  All the products have accurate dosing of CBD per pump, the Body Wellness is ~7mg, Sport Relief is ~5mg & Skin Relief is ~3mg.

Lastly, & probably most important, all our claims of superior absorption, time release & retaining moisture are backed up by scientific studies.  You can count on BASKIN being more effective than other products & because more of the CBD enters your system, more economical too.

  • Our patented ingredient results in superior CBD Delivery to the consumer.  Over 80% of the CBD will enter their system with Body Wellness & Sport Relief & 40% will enter the skin with Skin Relief.
  • The CBD binds to your skin, the heat & moisture releases it over 6 hours for longer & stronger relief.
  • BASKIN is healthier, it has no alcohol, parabens, waxes or organic solvents.
  • We do not try to do everything with one product, Body Wellness & Sport Relief are designed specifically for the whole body & the typical conditions that people look to CBD to relieve, such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, etc.  While Skin Relief is designed specifically for Skin Irritations like rashes, psoriasis, acne, sunburn & others.
  • The metered pumps dispense an accurate dose of CBD with each pump, which is listed on each container.
Baskin Group 1.7 fl oz Large 3

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