Many pet owners treat their beloved animals like family. When a dog or a cat gets sick and traditional options are exhausted, people seek alternatives. CBD might be the safe and effective treatment pet parents are searching for.

The same endocannabinoid system that exists in humans also exists within all mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish. 

Mammals naturally manufacture their own cannabinoids similar to CBD, called endocannabinoids. They work within the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to balance and regulate just about everything in the body including pain management, response to stress, appetite, excretion of hormones, and mood. If any of these functions become unbalanced, the body will synthesize, or combine, the cannabinoids it needs to restore balance throughout the body.

Research has shown that the ECS system will also recognize and respond to cannabinoids from external sources, including CBD and could be useful in treating a variety of medical ailments, making it an all natural, safe alternative treatment.

The ailments experienced by aging humans and animals can be quite similar. Some of the human maladies for which CBD has been used for and could be used for pets are rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, inflammation, anxiety, pain, and skin problems, to name a few.