Muscle MX

At Muscle MX we are dedicated to enhancing everyone’s active life with clean, simple products that our customers can trust. Each of our products are crafted using natural, non-toxic ingredients that are perfectly designed to help everyone. Our products are made from a blend of modern science and age-old remedies to help maximize everybody’s performance whether it is in preparation for a triathlon or doing daily tasks.  We believe different lifestyles require different needs. There is no magic bullet or solution that fits everyone. Our goal is to design and make the highest quality products that support our customers from head to toe, inside out. We achieve that goal through using clean ingredients, innovative product design, and full traceability throughout the CBD supply chain and product manufacturing process.  

  • Over 1,000 personal testimonials on our website. Also professionally recommended by physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, and massage therapists.
  • No mess, non-greasy application process suited for small and large body areas.
  • Restore is the only lotion on the market that combines CBD and nano-silver technology.
  • We are committed to “Clean Wellness”; our products are crafted using natural, non-toxic ingredients.
  • Products are safe for all ages and moderately priced.

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