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We at Precision Botanical have built our product line around one truth: That purity and quality are the only ideas that matter when you’re looking for pure and high quality CBD products.

That is why we work to deliver on the major promise of providing purity, accuracy, and transparency for all our THC-free CBD products.

For us, every decision we make is driven by our desire to produce the cleanest most accurate products for our customers. Where testing is a luxury for other CBD brands, it’s our floor. We test for 418 chemical markers in every lot of Precision Botanical source material and finished product. We test for good things such as antioxidants and vitamins. We also check for bad things such as pesticides and heavy metals. We check for accuracy in things such as CBD content. Why? Because our customers deserve to take clean CBD with peace of mind, and we’re committed to delivering it.

Our rigorous commitment to testing has allowed Precision Botanical to be the FIRST CBD  BRAND EVER certified for purity by the Clean Label Project.

Whether you’re aware of the benefits of CBD or looking for the first time, Precision Botanical delivers on the promise to always provide exactly what’s on the label, in the cleanest form possible, with every product we sell.

  • Precision Botanical is the only CBD brand on the market created after scientific analyzation of 250+ top-selling CBD products. As a result of extensive research and contaminant testing, more than 30 times the industry “standard”, our CBD products are 99% pure, certified THC Free and have earned the Purity Award from the non-profit Clean Label Project (awarded to brands that test clean and pure for heavy metals, pesticides, phthalates, etc.)
  • Vertical Integration gives us complete control at every level of production
        1. 300 acre farm in southern Oregon
        2. GMP certified production and CBD isolation facilities
        3. Analytical lab is third party accredited under ISO 17025 for accuracy and reliability
  • Third Party Clean Label Project (CLP) certification: THC-Free + Clean & Pure
        1. Independent non-profit consumer advocacy
        2. Third party certifies Precision Botanical THC-Free + Clean & Pure
        3. Oversees our Transparency process
  • Science-first mindset
        1. 4+ patent-pending processes ensure quality and accuracy
        2. Developed by a team of chemists, neuroscientists, toxicologists, and statisticians
        3. Third-party audited for accuracy and purity by CLP
  • Testing
        1. Precision Botanical is tested for 30x the compounds of competitors
        2. We test using two different accredited labs
        3. Our results are hosted on a third-party website to ensure legitimacy

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